Now Serving…

Harris & Galveston Counties #Walking2DC #1stStopAlief I have been settling into my new environment, living my life, listening to YOUR Stories and WRITING, WRITING, WRITING! Now I am training for #Walking2DC, trying to earn some coin, and seeing where my skills can best be put to use in service of my communities. No votes were … Continue reading Now Serving…

#Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

Coming soon... As I’m sure you can understand, transitioning into homelessness is quite the ordeal. There is just as much “official business” as there is moving from an apartment into your first home... Or moving from your kid’s childhood home into a crappy Condo from hell with Slumlord-Overseers that must have someone named Lucifer in … Continue reading #Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

#Walking2DC: 7 More Days

Building my Itinerary... After a restless night in the quiet and dark, I woke up at 3am feeling refreshed. I got on my laptop and just started working. I may not be getting paid lots a dollars as of yet, but I know that I will be able to do what I love and support … Continue reading #Walking2DC: 7 More Days

#Walking2DC: 8 More Days

Just Another Manic Monday... As I prepare for my adventure, there are a few practical items on my To Do List that must be taken care of. Forward Mail - Done Pack my duffle, tote, and backpack - Mostly Done Unload all this 18 month old furniture - ... This is where I get stuck. … Continue reading #Walking2DC: 8 More Days

#Walking2DC: 9 More Days

Planning & Preparing To be honest: planning, researching, and preparing are some of my favorite things to do. Having this to occupy my mind and my time is probably the very best therapy... for me anyway. The few people who have actually engaged with me about my upcoming adventure just smile and nod and placate … Continue reading #Walking2DC: 9 More Days