#Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

Coming soon... As I’m sure you can understand, transitioning into homelessness is quite the ordeal. There is just as much “official business” as there is moving from an apartment into your first home... Or moving from your kid’s childhood home into a crappy Condo from hell with Slumlord-Overseers that must have someone named Lucifer in … Continue reading #Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

Restore Net Neutrality & Save Our Internet

Friend, this is bad. Comcast Verizon Merger A federal court just ruled against Net Neutrality, giving Verizon and Comcast the green light to take total control of the internet. Our right to freely connect, communicate, and organize online has never been in greater jeopardy.  We must act IMMEDIATELY to stop profit-hungry Big Cable companies from being free … Continue reading Restore Net Neutrality & Save Our Internet