Why We Air Our Dirty Laundry

Click Here If You Have A Story To Tell Many of the Boomers really resent us Gen-Xers and Millennials for whining about our childhoods. Using it as an excuse not to ...IDK... take that shit? They want to know, What is the point of talking about it... of exposing family/town/corporate secrets? What do you expect … Continue reading Why We Air Our Dirty Laundry

Loving xo Necole

I came across this little gem right after the start of the new year. So far it hasn’t disappointed. Today’s newsletter entitled “Who Are You Inviting to the Table ?” Discusses #helpingsomeonecross and is the fundamental element of Agree2Disagree.BBI’s Mission & Vision Statements. Helping someone cross can be summed up into the final word in … Continue reading Loving xo Necole

Don’t be victimized by these Asshole Scammers

Do Not Give Any Personal Information or Money to ANYONE who calls or knocks on your door. Just Don’t. Read The Article Ask for a case/reference #, and contact info then end the conversation. Hang up the phone, close the door, whatever. If you think the call is legit, use the contact info and ask … Continue reading Don’t be victimized by these Asshole Scammers

Hyphenated-Americans Winning at True Diversity

1st Black Catholic Priest on the path to Sainthood and more examples of what change looks like. Subscribe ... “A rising number of American Catholics are of Hispanic descent — about 40 percent — and Archbishop Gomez himself is a naturalized United States citizen born in Mexico. Other signs of unity and support were made … Continue reading Hyphenated-Americans Winning at True Diversity