Be Encouraged:

TIME WASTER #8 is Being Indecisive according to the article 10 Things that We Allow to Control our Minutes by Shellie R Warren. She states that "We'd rather allow things to happen to us via our stagnation rather than taking a risk of stepping out making real (and sometimes hard) choices that we actually have to take accountability for." It's time to make things happen instead of letting things happen. Who's in?

#Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

Coming soon... As I’m sure you can understand, transitioning into homelessness is quite the ordeal. There is just as much “official business” as there is moving from an apartment into your first home... Or moving from your kid’s childhood home into a crappy Condo from hell with Slumlord-Overseers that must have someone named Lucifer in … Continue reading #Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

The NEA Provides Helpful Resources To Educators

ICE Raids: What You Should Know View on Website Support Immigrant Youth › A recent immigration raid in Mississippi traumatized students whose parents were apprehended. Local educators were left to scramble for answers for their affected students. We compiled responses to common questions educators have. In addition, NEA has prepared an advisory for educators on … Continue reading The NEA Provides Helpful Resources To Educators

Maybe you should raise YOUR standards…

I came across this today on Local Black Historian, Sam Collin’s, facebook page. I, of course, immediately shared it to Agree2Disagree.BBI’s public facebook group “The New Underground Railroad” 😏 Earn & Educate Excerpt From Washington Post‘s Democracy Dies In Darkness. By Radley Balko, Opinion writer, September 18, 2018 ... “Of particular concern to some on … Continue reading Maybe you should raise YOUR standards…