Together We Can Do More

Together We Can Do More. This is my core belief. I think the state of our Union is very sad right now. Not just because we have a Dictator In Chief in our highest office… Not just because law enforcement is attempting to commit genocide against my fellow Black-Americans… And, not just because after the “active shooter” drills at our schools are over, our children go right back to being bullied by other students and teachers alike.

I think the good ole USA is sad because of the state of our families, our communities, and our schools. Social Media has made it so easy for us to seperate ourselves from real live human contact and this separation is killing us.

If we want REAL change, it’s up to us to come TOGETHER and work to MAKE that change happen. It’s time out of just praying and waiting. It’s time for ACTION.

Let’s start by changing what our families and communities look like. WE have that power. LET’S USE IT!

Help Someone Cross
“That’s Where The Joy Is…In Helping Others”

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