Knowledge IS Power!

We already know that the Education System has failed us as Black-Americans. The time for depending on America to meet our educational needs is over. They teach us what they want us to know. Not just at our schools, but in the news, in movies and on television.

It is up to us to change the narrative that is being presented about Black-Americans. We have all the tools we need to do this… We just need to know where to access them. The pages here will endeavor to provide educational opportunities for YOU.

“YOU” includes every Hyphenated-American who feels like we ALL need to have a hyphen or no one should have a hyphen. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS. PERIOD. It’s time we demand to be treated as such.

The first step towards REAL Change is EDUCATION. That doesn’t necessarily mean degrees or more schooling. It means KNOWLEDGE. There are many ways to become knowledgeable. Let’s help each other access the tools WE need to make informed decisions. Ignorance is a choice.


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