Our Stories

Why bother telling our stories?

Many of the Boomers really resent us Gen-Xers and Millennials for whining about our childhoods. Using it as an excuse not to …IDK… take that shit? They want to know, What is the point of talking about it… of exposing family/town/corporate secrets? What do you expect to get out of blabbing and crying about everything?

Well the point is that the cycle of childhood trauma is still alive and well. And many people know about it, but lock it in a vault… Never to be mentioned. The point in talking about it, is to allow the folks currently in abusive or traumatic situations to know a couple of things.

  1. You are not alone. Many of us share your experience. Find one of us. We will help you.
  2. It is ok, highly recommended even, that you remove yourself and/or your children from the situation immediately. Because of #3…
  3. We tell of our struggles, not for attention, not for apologies, and not for revenge.
    1. We tell our stories to bear witness and a living example of the results that early childhood trauma can and will affect the abused for the rest of their entire lives.
    2. We tell our stories as a warning to the abused to GET OUT NOW. We can not go back and change things, but what is happening to you is NOT OK. There is a much better life out there for you.
    3. We tell our stories to let the enemies know that they will alway lose. Because as long as we live the life we want and can find joy in the living… WE WILL ALWAYS WIN.

Winning is what we want to get out of it. That’s it. WINNING.

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