Help Me Understand!

I really have difficulty understanding WHY some White-Americans feel they are so much better off than people of color. Why are they so entitled to their privilege and superiority? I can’t speak for all Hyphenated -Americans, I can only speak on the history I know. That of Black Americans. I mean you stole us from … Continue reading Help Me Understand!

Maybe you should raise YOUR standards…

I came across this today on Local Black Historian, Sam Collin’s, facebook page. I, of course, immediately shared it to Agree2Disagree.BBI’s public facebook group β€œThe New Underground Railroad” 😏 Earn & Educate Excerpt From Washington Postβ€˜s Democracy Dies In Darkness. By Radley Balko, Opinion writer, September 18, 2018 ... β€œOf particular concern to some on … Continue reading Maybe you should raise YOUR standards…

Mental Preparedness…Is this a real thing?

I thought I had Mentality prepared myself to be without power. I was expecting the big shutdown on Friday. I strategically set out my storm candles and flashlights. Cooked all my meat. Loaded the fridge with water. Ran the dishwasher one last time. And just kept working and catching up on the new season of … Continue reading Mental Preparedness…Is this a real thing?

And SNAP! Inner Peace was Restored!

I can not wait to begin my journey! This is going to be an amazing experience for me... While the rest of you continue FIGHTING over... Who gets to be in charge Who is right, Who is wrong Which box (they stuffed you in) is better than the other Red or Blue (Purple, as I’ve … Continue reading And SNAP! Inner Peace was Restored!

I entered into a contract and was paid to do a job. Not be at your beck and call. I really wish privileged people would learn the difference.

So this event has not been officially cancelled, but I am officially cancelling my involvement with the event AND The Texas Democratic Women Of Galveston County. They have no idea what change looks like. Good luck with your event. Hopefully it fairs better than your Gala. πŸ˜‚