After 30 Years, It’s Time for Change!

Full Story Here I honestly do not feel like having the “black hair” discussion anymore. I’ve been forced to “explain” black hair to White-Americans since I became aware of their existence in Kindergarten. But I will take a moment to express that Barbers Hill ISD is absolutely, 100%, committing a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION against this … Continue reading After 30 Years, It’s Time for Change!

Hyphenated-Americans Winning at True Diversity

1st Black Catholic Priest on the path to Sainthood and more examples of what change looks like. Subscribe ... “A rising number of American Catholics are of Hispanic descent — about 40 percent — and Archbishop Gomez himself is a naturalized United States citizen born in Mexico. Other signs of unity and support were made … Continue reading Hyphenated-Americans Winning at True Diversity

Help Me Understand!

I really have difficulty understanding WHY some White-Americans feel they are so much better off than people of color. Why are they so entitled to their privilege and superiority? I can’t speak for all Hyphenated -Americans, I can only speak on the history I know. That of Black Americans. I mean you stole us from … Continue reading Help Me Understand!

Question: Will civil war reenacters find this offensive?

Subscribe to Newsletter Read More I have a feeling that southern whites, or any whites will have tremendous issues with this. My question is why? History is history, right? I guess this will rankle whites in the same way that visiting plantations that tell the real history instead of the glamorized, romanticized, fictional version of … Continue reading Question: Will civil war reenacters find this offensive?