Don’t be victimized by these Asshole Scammers

Do Not Give Any Personal Information or Money to ANYONE who calls or knocks on your door. Just Don’t. Read The Article Ask for a case/reference #, and contact info then end the conversation. Hang up the phone, close the door, whatever. If you think the call is legit, use the contact info and ask … Continue reading Don’t be victimized by these Asshole Scammers

Voter turnout in Texas, not what I expected…yet, also not surprising. Yall stay in the dark ages.

🤔🧐I think many of us use the word “change” as a noun, when we need to use it as a VERB!

The secret is out! Women face double standards. But we can work together to change that…

Just saw this interesting little nugget on the New York Times On Politics newsletter. Can’t wait for the release of the full report tomorrow.