Why We Air Our Dirty Laundry

Click Here If You Have A Story To Tell Many of the Boomers really resent us Gen-Xers and Millennials for whining about our childhoods. Using it as an excuse not to ...IDK... take that shit? They want to know, What is the point of talking about it... of exposing family/town/corporate secrets? What do you expect … Continue reading Why We Air Our Dirty Laundry

Where the Supermajority Stands on the debate…

Can a woman win the presidency? It's an age-old question -- but Elizabeth Warren offered a fresh, fiery answer at last night's Democratic debate in Des Moines. "Look at the men on this stage," Warren said. "Collectively, they have lost 10 elections. The only people on this stage who have won every single election that … Continue reading Where the Supermajority Stands on the debate…

Be Encouraged:

TIME WASTER #8 is Being Indecisive according to the article 10 Things that We Allow to Control our Minutes by Shellie R Warren. She states that "We'd rather allow things to happen to us via our stagnation rather than taking a risk of stepping out making real (and sometimes hard) choices that we actually have to take accountability for." It's time to make things happen instead of letting things happen. Who's in?

Monday Motivation 1.6.20

I came across this quote over the weekend while reading an interesting article. These 10 Habits Are Totally Wasting Your Time. The author, Shellie R Warren, writes, “Americans are slaves to your clock. You should control time and not let time control you.”

I totes agree and I am taking back control of my time. I GOT THIS. If you got this, drop “I got this” in the comments. Let’s support each other’s effort to #TakeItBack. It’s Our time. We get to choose what to do with it. 😏

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