I Quit: A collection of Essays from The New York Times

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We’ve all quit things at one time or another, and when we did at least one person in our circle (sometimes everyone in our circle) tried to shame us—regardless of our reasoning citing “Quitters Never Win”. Not quitting, tho, can be a form of self victimization. 💁🏽‍♀️. 💜nette

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My Job : … “When you’re constantly shown to the back of the career bus, quitting what looks like a good job can be a vital moment of reclaiming the self-esteem that unlocks a world of possibility. At least it was for me.” ~by: Veronica Chambers

A Band: … “A lot of this can be stated as my codependency. While I didn’t struggle with addiction, I was an absolute codependent. I was stuck in a world where I didn’t know how to thrive. It wasn’t because I was in a famous rock band. It was because I was in a crazy rock band.” ~by: Steven Kurutz

Gum: “Sometimes someone would burst in without knocking, and I’d be mortified at having to spit out what had accumulated before conversation could begin.” ~by: Alexandra Jacobs

The Presidential Campaign: … “Americans sometimes have an odd idea about what makes up failure and what makes up success. My effort failed as a presidential campaign, but it succeeded in putting a lot of ideas out there that I feel belong in the national debate.” ~ by: Jonah Bromwich

New York: … “We were staying at this random Airbnb, this giant place like a furniture showroom way out in the middle of nowhere, and there was a bat in the ceiling that was making all this noise. I had just tried to hack a coconut in half with a dull machete and almost cut my toe off, and it was like, All right, what are we doing?” ~ by: Alex Williams


The Priesthood


My Smartphone



My Church


Dating Apps

My Laundry Service

An Affair



Buying Things


This Assignment

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