Question: Will civil war reenacters find this offensive?

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I have a feeling that southern whites, or any whites will have tremendous issues with this. My question is why? History is history, right? I guess this will rankle whites in the same way that visiting plantations that tell the real history instead of the glamorized, romanticized, fictional version of the institution of slavery makes them feel “unnecessarily uncomfortable”.

If we, as Black-Americans are supposed to “get over it” and “forgive & forget”, then why is it ok for civil war enthusiasts to reenact their glory days?

At least there is a certain honesty to this rebellion re-enactment of the enslaved literally fighting for their lives and freedom… as opposed to the reenactment of a war only to glorify fighting to keep other humans enslaved for no other reason than to line their pockets and feel superior over another race.

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