Help Me Understand!

I really have difficulty understanding WHY some White-Americans feel they are so much better off than people of color. Why are they so entitled to their privilege and superiority?

I can’t speak for all Hyphenated -Americans, I can only speak on the history I know. That of Black Americans.

I mean you stole us from our native lands. Enslaved us. BRED us for maximum strength and endurance.

You have unsuccessfully attempted to use science and medicine to “prove” our inferiority. Then resorted to lies and propaganda to induce fear and hate towards Black-Americans.

Yet we are supposed to forgive and forget. We are supposed to believe and accept the fiction of equality.

We are supposed to swallow the excuses for the genocide being enacted by the very people who have sworn to protect and serve us.

Why do you hate us so? Why do you hate the people YOU have created?

Is it because you were successful in your breeding? Because we dominate every test of strength & endurance as proven by every single American sport? Thank you Tiger, Venus, & Serena!

Is it because you failed to erase the intelligence, the pride, the sense of self we posesess?

Is is because you can’t match our originality & giftedness in the arts—music & dance especially —in the kitchen, in fashion, so you try to steal it and make it your own?

Is it because deep down you know the truth of the horror of your actions and fear that we will seek our revenge?

If the answers to any of these questions is “yes” (whether you admit it or not), it only proves your ignorance. If revenge was our goal, it would have been enacted long ago. Unlike you, we don’t see ourselves as judge, jury & executioner. We leave that to God.

We just want to live in peace. We just want to receive what is owed us for building this country, literally. We just want to have the same rights and freedoms guaranteed to “all men” according to the Constitution.

Why won’t you let us?

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