Supermajority GOTV (get out the vote) assignment.


Thank you to everyone who took time out of their Tuesday night to hop on a call to talk about the upcoming Virginia elections.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, and the stakes in Virginia have never been higher — and with control of the redistricting process on the table, this election has implications for the whole country. This election will be close, and women could be the deciding voters.

We’re glad so many of you could join us on this week’s member call to talk about what you can do. To make it even easier, I am sharing the resources from the call to help you get started as we head into the most magical time of the year: GOTV (get out the vote) weekend.

  1. A recording of the member call: In case you missed it or want to watch it again — with our special guest Tram Nguyen from the New Virginia Majority. She sets the stage for us and explains why this is one of the most critical elections in the country. (Captions coming soon!)
  2. Our pro-tips for how to have effective GOTV conversations: Whether you’re talking to voters about the stakes in 2019 or whether you’re just reading up ahead of next year’s presidential election, this is a great presentation to read and re-read.
  3. Your assignment: Text “Virginia” to 78737 and follow the prompts to get connected to organizers on the ground in Virginia. You’ll have the option to talk to Virginia voters by making phone calls, sending texts, or contacting friends through Facebook Messenger. Then share with your friends and family so they can help get out the vote too.

No matter where we live, women in Virginia are counting on us. Let’s show them we have their backs.

Jalakoi Solomon
Supermajority deputy national organizing director

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