Restore Net Neutrality & Save Our Internet

Friend, this is bad.

Comcast Verizon Merger

A federal court just ruled against Net Neutrality, giving Verizon and Comcast the green light to take total control of the internet. Our right to freely connect, communicate, and organize online has never been in greater jeopardy. 

We must act IMMEDIATELY to stop profit-hungry Big Cable companies from being free to slow down internet traffic and charge you and me extra fees for the websites that we want to access. 

Imagine having to pay a surcharge to your internet provider to read the news online — or worse, only being allowed to read the news sites they want you to. Imagine all the incredible organizing efforts we’ll see in the coming weeks, months, and years having to break through Big Cable gatekeepers in order to be heard. 

Friend, our fight to restore Net Neutrality cannot — and will not — stop here. 

Here’s how we fight back: the court did leave room for states to pass their OWN Net Neutrality laws — and the Trump FCC can’t do anything about it. That means states still have the right to fight back against Big Cable’s greed by passing laws like the one California Common Cause fought for and won last year. 

Legislative sessions in states across the country are just about to begin, and we must ensure that EVERY state makes passing strong Net Neutrality laws like California’s a top priority. 

I’m asking every Common Cause member to help us ramp up our efforts like never before — mobilizing activists in target states, educating Americans nationwide about the importance of Net Neutrality, and fighting day-in and day-out to get this done. 

You can be a key player in the fight to restore Net Neutrality in all 50 states, Friend — a fight we can’t afford to lose. Chip in today and help win back our free and open internet!


There are two ways this can go. If we don’t respond immediately, the Trump administration can get its way, gutting Net Neutrality for good and letting Comcast and Verizon decide what we can do and say online… 

OR — if you and I fight back, we can kick our grassroots campaign to expand Net Neutrality to all 50 states into overdrive, sending a powerful rebuke to Donald Trump and his FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s war on internet freedom. 

We’ve already proven that by activating our people power, we can successfully pass strong Net Neutrality legislation on the state level. Thousands of Common Cause members tirelessly contacted their representatives in California last year — and as a result, the state passed the “gold standard” of Net Neutrality bills, restoring crucial internet protections for all Californians. 

We can and will bring this fight to more states — and with your help, we can win. Step up today and be a part of the movement to restore Net Neutrality.

In our 21st-century democracy, everyone needs access to the internet. Everyday Americans rely on it for news and information and use it to organize, create, and communicate. 

We won’t let Trump’s FCC and Big Cable take that away from us. 

Thanks for all you do, 

Yosef Getachew, Media & Democracy Program Director
and the team at Common Cause

Common Cause
805 Fifteenth Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005
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