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Stolen innocence gone viral 🤬

A warning: This article is about one of the most sinister corners of the internet and contains graphic descriptions.There has been a boom in the online trading and sharing of images and videos of children — some just 3 or 4 years old, some even younger — being sexually abused and tortured.Last year, tech companies flagged a record 45 million illegal images, more than double what they had found the previous year, and a Times investigation found a response systemthat’s unable to keep up.While global in scope, the problem is rooted in the U.S. because of the role Silicon Valley plays in the spread and detection of the material. Here are takeaways from the investigation.

How we know: The Times reviewed over 10,000 pages of police and court documents; conducted software tests to assess the availability of the imagery through search engines; accompanied detectives on raids; and spoke with investigators, lawmakers, tech executives and government officials.The reporting also included conversations with an admitted pedophile who concealed his identity and who runs a site that has hosted as many as 17,000 such images.

More ☕️ from the NY Times: 🤔🧐

Riskier tactics for migrants: Blocked by tougher U.S. immigration policies, many Central Americans told our reporter in Mexico that they had considered life-threatening border crossings.

Forever 21 in bankruptcy trouble: The retailer that helped popularize fast fashion said it would close up to 178 stores in the U.S. and cease operations in 40 countries.

“A February storm in September”:More than 40 inches of snow fell in parts of Montana, breaking century-old records.

A political dilemma in Austria:Sebastian Kurz, the former chancellor, won a snap election, but he needs a coalition partner to form a government: either a far-right party or the Greens.

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Subpoenas are coming in impeachment inquiry

Another horse death:The latest fatality at Santa Anita racetrack came days after Gov. Gavin Newsom of California called the situation a “disgrace.” Thirty-two horses have died at the track since December.

Hong Kong’s neutral status is at risk

Soweto, once united, now has a wealth gap


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