#Walking2DC: 8 More Days

Just Another Manic Monday…

Earn & Educate

As I prepare for my adventure, there are a few practical items on my To Do List that must be taken care of.

Forward Mail – Done

Pack my duffle, tote, and backpack – Mostly Done

Unload all this 18 month old furniture – … This is where I get stuck. I have no place to store it and I’m not trying to create bills that I can not afford. Instead of calling the Salvation Army to grab it all, I really wanted to just donate it to a charity or program that helps out women who are victims of domestic violence. I really feel like these ladies have escaped a nightmare and the thought of starting over from scratch is enough to give regular folk night terrors.

I wanted to at least know that my stuff would be going to those who look like me, who have experienced trauma, and who probably have tremendously limited resources.

Sounds easy, right? NOPE. I have not had one of the people I contacted get back with me. So against my desires, I’ve decided to sell what I can, and call the Salvation Army or Goodwill to collect the rest. I don’t have the means to haul it out to the dumpster myself.

And while it may be petty, I refuse to just give anything else away to those that seem to have no problems taking from me, but aren’t trying to even offer me a place to lay my head. Don’t get me wrong. I have done a lot of inner reflection. I am a giver by nature, but it has taken a while for me to reconcile the fact that just because I give, doesn’t entitle me to expect the same from others. I may be petty, but I’m good with who I am. I would rather see my things go to someone truly in need than to someone who wants to take it off my hands… for free… then turn around an sell it… making a nice little profit for themselves.

You may be wondering why selling this mess wasn’t my go to initially. Well, for 3 reasons:

  1. I think it may be safer if I don’t have anything of value with me in case I get robbed or what have you. I don’t think losing what I plan to take, would be as devastating as having my literal last monies taken violently from me. I don’t think I’d be able to just shrug that off.
  2. I will just probably give the cash monies away, anyway. It’s just who I am. I probably wouldn’t just hand it to strangers, but I do believe in tipping well for good service. Service ppl have to eat as well.
  3. Lastly, I would spend it on pretty purple nonsense that I would have to find room for in my bags. I’m not trying to carry extra shit. IJS

So, maybe someone will come grab this stuff and I can get a few dollars to purchase a bus ticket for the first leg of my journey and maybe pick up a few more necessities from my list.

The “Business Center” at this complex is not as soothing as my own work space… But what idiot is going to turn down free WIFI, AC and the opportunity to charge my electronics? Not this idiot!
I do believe this is the shortest To Do List I have ever created. I like it.


Special Thanks To:
  • The Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost
  • The Late Jean Pearl Jackson
  • The Late Andre Monroe Ford
  • The Late Jerry L. Jackson
  • The Late Henry L. Jackson, Sr
  • Lord Proctor
  • My Heart & Soul, The 7, New Friends & Kind Strangers
  • The Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost
  • The Late Jean Pearl Jackson
  • The Late Andre Monroe Ford
  • The Late Jerry L. Jackson
  • The Late Henry L. Jackson, Sr
  • Lord Proctor
  • “Nosey 💜🤥 😇” Brandi B. – my White Female Texan American, across the way neighbor, who forced me to accept her help and will accept nothing in return…(😳. Yeah, I know, very strange. 🤷🏽‍♀️)
    She is GOOD People. Too bad I waited so long to let her prove it to me. TYSM, 😇.
  • The Business Center
  • My Heart & Soul, The 7, My Cousins, New Friends & Kind Strangers
Elevate Some More…
Walk A Mile In Their Shoes 2019 – Sign up

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes
(Walk to End Domestic Violence)
Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX
Volunteers needed
6 pm – 7 pm Walk
Walkers get a free wristband to the Pleasure Pier

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes (Walk to End Domestic Violence)


Free parking at Fish Tales

Walk starts at 6 pm and ends at approximately 7 pm.

Organizers would like participants to bring a pair of shoes to display. This display is to symbolize that domestic violence effects every socioeconomic level, race, gender, etc. Shoes will be given back after the walk.

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