Mental Preparedness…Is this a real thing?

I thought I had Mentality prepared myself to be without power. I was expecting the big shutdown on Friday. I strategically set out my storm candles and flashlights. Cooked all my meat. Loaded the fridge with water. Ran the dishwasher one last time. And just kept working and catching up on the new season of my shows. (Thank you again kind neighbor for the use of your wifi. 😘)

But I guess there is nothing to really prepare you for that moment when all the humming stops. 😳. For when you realize just how dark it is in those restrooms and closets.

It’s hard not to feel sad. Or like a failure when you are 42 and alone… with a mind that never turns off. It’s had not to look back and wonder what if…

But knowing that I have literally done all I could do and believing with all my heart and soul that this is NOT the end for me…

Also knowing that I’m not continuing to rack up debt that I cannot afford to pay… (Now my number is final. I know exactly how much I owe who. And can look forward to the day that I am once again debt free.)

Knowing that I can be who I am without compromising my core values, without pretending, and without hiding anything from myself or others in fear of their judgement or threats, or punishments…

Well, you can’t buy that kind of peace of mind for any amount of money.

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