Supermajority takes over Washington DC!

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“Our current Congress is not representative or reflective of the people who live in this country. If we are the supermajority, then congress needs to be reflective and representative of that.” @repilhan

“My name is Angie Craig and I’m a lesbian mother of 4 who represents a Republican district in Minnesota… I’m the first lesbian mother to ever be elected to the U.S. Congress — at least that we know.” @RepAngieCraig

“We have an incredibly strong voice to share. When women are in power, we also have the ability to listen to others’ voices. As a first time public servant am getting the chance to learn what representation looks like.” @RepTorresSmall

“I have the privilege of being a member of [the El Paso] community, and a congresswoman for the community, and we’re going to show the country what it truly means to be American — we are going to lead with love and compassion.” @RepEscobar

“It’s not uncommon to be raised by a single parent. It’s not uncommon to work your way through school or go to community college. If we saw more people like me in Congress, we would see better policy.” @RepDavids

Thank you to these leaders for joining us in D.C. today and sharing their inspiring and energizing stories.

theMajorityRules #Supermajority @ Washington, District of Columbia

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