My Walk with Ms. Opal: Nette’s Journey to Galveston: Part 1

Earn & Educate

It’s hot. I’m sweating. I don’t have a towel. My hip is not cooperating all of a sudden 🙄. (When did that stop working?)

It’s pretty scary out here… 👀… I’m exposed. This suitcase is heavy. Who’s bright idea was this 💁🏽‍♀️? Why aren’t there sidewalks all of the time?!…. Ewww… I gotta walk in grass & nature. Why is nature so pretty to look at but so icky IRL… There are THINGS living in this grass. If they want to continue breathing, I suggest they mind their own business and leave me be…

Why are these cars going so fast? I just might die today. 😜. I pray I make it to the beach, tho first. 😂.

So, I’m at this busy ass corner of the feeder, at 45 & Eldorado Blvd… and I need to cross the street. I look at the thing with the buttons, and I’m sure that if I push the one that I’m looking at, the white person is going to flash over there instead of over here, where I need it to flash…🙄 Also, what are these cars going to do while this white person is flashing? 🤷🏽

So I stand there and observe all the traffic… which in reality is, like, 4 cars… It IS, in all honesty 8am on Saturday morning. Once I’m comfortable, I push the correct button…and wait…and argue with myself.

Just go, ma’am. “Um no. I don’t know who’s behind the wheel of those cars. They could have road rage…or be drunk, or texting… or be ignorant racists (And here I am with this Juneteenth sign… 🙄) Also, what if the po-po roll up? Isn’t jaywalking a thing? Is just walking allowed? IDK. 🤷🏽 (AND I have this effing JUNETEENTH sign!!!) I’ll just wait.” 😄

Eventually I make it across…then immediately have to repeat that entire process, because–HELLO, I have to cross one more time before I reach “safety”. 🙄

So now, I’m headed in the right direction. 45 South. There’s no immediate danger…so I walk, dragging my suitcase behind me, and let my mind wonder.

Nette, what the hell are you doing? “Walking to Galveston.” All the WAY to Galveston? “Looks like…”

I guess… 🙄 Welp, we need to talk about some important stuff… 😔 “I know.” Your lease is up in a couple of weeks… 😔 “I know.” Where you going to go? “To my homestead, I guess…” 🤷🏽. Your dad’s house in inhabitable. 😔 “I know.” Where are you going to live? 🤷🏽 . You got bills due next week. 😔 “Yup”. So what’s the plan? “Welp, for now, the plan is to go see the ocean and BREATHE. That’s it. That’s the plan.”

So now I’ve made it to the never-ending parking lots that make up Baybrook Mall. I cut through. Staying all the way in the sun and as near the freeway as possible. (Why? Who the eff, knows… seemed like a good idea at the time.) 💁🏽‍♀️

By this point, my sign is falling apart. My legs and arms are on fire. And I want to sit down. So I start making a list of what I can buy at 5-Below as a treat…”A towel and some tape…” That becomes the mantra that keeps me going.

Then I get real close, but I just have to sit down…for a second. Time for my first break!

I rest for a minute, grab my water out of my bag, and take a sip. Then I grab my markers and start making business cards…by hand…Only, of course something is wrong and the stupid markers are not right for the job!

I breathe. Drink more water and think about the nice cool AC in 5 -Below…Also, I get to add markers to my list. “A towel, some tape, and a pack of markers”… I’m hot. I’m tired. And, I’m freaking BORED. So I gather myself up and trek the last few steps to 5-Below.

5-below is closed. It’s 9am on Saturday, September 14th. They open at 10.

I glance back at the bench I relaxed on for fifteen minutes. I roll my eyes at my stupid suitcase. Take a drag of water. Shove my trusty ARTC back into my suitcase…and continue on my way.




Special Thanks To:

  • The Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost
  • The Late Jean Pearl Jackson
  • The Late Andre Monroe Ford
  • The Late Jerry L. Jackson
  • The Late Henry L. Jackson, Sr
  • Lord Proctor
  • Beverly Yell
  • My Heart & Soul, The 7, My Cousins, New Friends & Kind Strangers

Then Elevate Some More.


By His grace, Part 3 will be published by 12am Wed.

I take a few more steps and turn the corner to the right. And stop… And stare. Nothing ahead but hot asphalt (where available), the end of sidewalks, an increase of fast cars on the feeder road, the beginning of grass & nature…what looks like a forest…WITH SHADE…!😁 As if–even I’M not THAT brave! 😔 And further still… what appears to be a mirage shaped like Costco...

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