Change -vs- Stagnation

A good effort to effect real change was made this past weekend on Galveston Island. A better effort could have been made. Let’s stop being content to be GOOD, and let’s be GREAT.

It’s all just a game of words and numbers, and I play to win. ALWAYS…

Photo Courtesy of The Houston Chronicle.
Ms. Opal Lee’s Walk To Washington Stops in Galveston.
Photo Courtesy of the Galveston Daily News
Activists & Protesters March Peacefully in response to Police Action Against Donald Neely


Words have clear. written definitions that remain unchanged by circumstance or personal prejudice. so let’s start with what the words actually mean.

Change: change/CHānj/verb/ 1.make or become different. “a proposal to change the law” 2. take or use another instead of. “she decided to change her name” /noun/ 1.the act or instance of making or becoming different. “the change from a nomadic to an agricultural society” 2.coins as opposed to paper currency. “a handful of loose change”

Stagnation: stag·na·tion/staɡˈnāSH(ə)n/noun/ 1.the state of not flowing or moving. “blocked drains resulting in water stagnation” 2.lack of activity, growth, or development. “a period of economic stagnation”

So, why not take advantage of these opportunities to effect change, that have dropped right in our lap?

If you aren’t fighting with us and for us, you’d best not expect for us to fight for you. Just removing Trump is not enough. I need to know what you plan to do next. Don’t tell US what you plan to do… Start showing US what you are doing now, today, this minute.

Now, to all listed above, AND the rest of you that have your panties in a twist because :

  1. “Who are You to call us out?”
  2. “Why my church not on here? My Church more “mega” than those.”

First of all…I am NO ONE (channeling my inner Arya Stark). Second… just go ahead and be in your feelings, sit down, feel ashamed. Then get over it, get up and do better. We ALL have to do better NOW. And if your church isn’t on this list, it’s probably because you’ve been too busy to go on yelp and do whatever people do there.

It’s time out for talking. You need to take a break from smiling & taking pictures, talking… AND lobbying and get these boots on the ground.

  • Where were the Politicians (or their representatives) who want our trust and our votes?

🙄This is going to be a long list…Let’s start with the 2019 Special Election in Texas. We’ll give the 2020 people one more chance before calling them out. See. I can be nice. 😏

  • Candidates for State House of Representatives District 28 Special Election
    • Anna Allred
      1 E Greenway Plaza, Ste. 225
      Houston, TX 77046
    • Gary Gates
      2205 Avenue I, #117
      Rosenberg, TX 77471
    • Gary J. Hale
      5811 Second St.
      Katy, TX 77493
      Business Owner
    • Tricia Krenek
      6630 FM 1463, Suite B500-101
      Katy, TX 77494
    • Sarah Laningham
      21714 Sierra Long Drive
      Richmond, TX 77407
    • Elizabeth “Eliz” Markowitz
      24111 Haywards Crossing Ln,
      Katy, TX 77494
      Clinton D. Purnell
      PO Box 6725 S. Fry Rd. Ste. 700-344
      Katy, TX 77494
      Logistics & Customs Compliance
  • Candidates for State House of Representatives District 100 Special Election
    • James Armstrong III
      P.O. Box 224382
      Dallas, TX 75222
      Lorraine Birabil
      4924 Berridge Lane
      Dallas, TX 75227
      Legal Associate
      Daniel Davis Clayton
      P.O. Box 151122
      Dallas, TX 75315
      Owner, Public Opinion LLC
      Sandra Crenshaw
      P.O. Box 150888
      Dallas, TX 75315
      Paul K. Stafford
      7510 E. Grand Avenue #4302
      Dallas, TX 75214
  • Candidates for State House of Representatives District 148 Special Election
    • Rob Block
      4315 Darter St.
      Houston, TX 77009
      Kendra Yarbrough Camarena
      6007 Spruce Forest Dr.
      Houston, TX 77092
      Chris Carmona
      PO Box 7137
      Houston, TX 77092
      Carol Denson
      1129 Cortlandt St.
      Houston, TX, 77008
      Anna Eastman
      816 Ralfallen
      Houston, TX 77008
      Education Consultant
      Adrian Garcia
      P.O. Box 10087
      Houston, TX 77018
      Terah Isaacson
      PO Box 7188
      Houston, TX 77248
      Michele Leal
      448 W 19th Street #712
      Houston, TX 77008
      Ryan McConnico
      1244 Prince Street
      Houston, TX 77008
      Mia Mundy
      2010 North Main St. #403
      Houston, TX 77009
      Exec. Search Consultant
      Anna Núñez
      P.O. Box 30129
      Houston, TX 77249
      Special Projects Coordinator
      Luis La Rotta
      PO Box 70814
      Houston, TX 77270
      Power Generation Engineering
      Penny “Morales” Shaw
      P.O. Box 925652
      Houston, TX 77292
      Alva Trevino
      623 Columbia Street
      Houston, TX 77007
      Chris Watt
      1504 Blair St
      Houston, TX 77008

Peaceful Protests don’t generate click-bait headlines, I guess. Let someone die or be dehumanized, and the “accepted” images of Black Americans, would receive nation-wide press–For example, the one where the black man was dragged through the streets by officers mounted on horses…

If you want to be better, you have to do better. Change starts today. Right now. Right here. Right where YOU are.

So, did you want to pay me $ to win for you?… or did you want keep paying the same price (over & over again) and let me win for someone else? Third option, I can keep working for myself, FOR FREE, AND keep right on winning… for ME…and be YOUR next Commander in Chief. 😏 Hop On Board, or dive overboard. This cruise ship is leaving the port. All are welcome to join, unless you are an asshole… You thought this clown was bad. 🤷




Special Thanks To:

  • The Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost
  • The Late Jean Pearl Jackson
  • The Late Andre Monroe Ford
  • The Late Jerry L. Jackson
  • The Late Henry L. Jackson, Sr
  • Lord Proctor
  • Beverly Yell
  • My Heart & Soul, The 7, My Cousins, New Friends & Kind Strangers

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