My Walk with Ms. Opal: Nette’s Journey to Galveston.

Photo Courtesy of i45Now


An introduction to a 4-part series addressing the following topics:

Racism Past & Present🙄🙈🙉🙊

The Rally Cry Of Texas Dems: Do the words “change” & “equality” only refer to you or can Blacks have some too, this time? … or are we supposed to wait until AFTER you in get office—AGAIN?…SSDD. 🙄🧐🤔👁👂😒#ISeeYou

The Reality of Being a Black Female with Mental Illness & Facing Eminent Homelessness…But Choosing to Be Happy, to Continue the Fight, and to Help Those Who Desire More. 🙋🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💯♐️

The Kindness of Strangers STILL Crosses All Racial, Gender, Orientation, Socio-Economic, and Political Lines. 🥰✝️🙏🏽


After approximately 45 minutes of sleep, “You Got a Friend in Me”, you know—that song from Toy Story by Randy Newman…, starts blasting! 📣 Right. In. My. Ear!

To you that probably looks exactly like it sounds… for me, it IS factually: the ringer set to the lowest possible volume and vibrator settings, laying as far away as possible from my ear, and plugged into the charger; as it should be—ANYHOO, enough about me and my problems. Errybody got problems. 😏 What makes me think I’m special? 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s 5:45 am on Saturday, September 14th and within the hour, I will be heading to Galveston to join Ms. Opal’s Lee’s Walk to Washington! I am overflowing with excitement.

“Who is Ms. Opal?”, you may ask. She is an absolutely AMAZING 92 year-old woman who has decided to walk to Washington for the sole purpose of getting the attention of the White House and Congress to let them know, “It’s past time for Juneteenth to be an official National Holiday!”

I can already hear some saying “We already gave you people your black holiday, why can’t you people ever be satisfied?”. 🖕🏽

I can hear others saying, “What is Juneteenth?” 🙋🏽‍♀️😁👩🏽‍🏫

And others, still… who all look like me, saying…


“It’s never going to happen. But I admire your efforts. I really hope it works. I’ll never say no to a paid holiday”… all the while, sitting on the sidelines… laughing & pointing —recording or taking pictures, even… so they can make a viral meme. 🙄


“Here they go again. I wish they would shut up. 🙊Can’t they see what has happened since we had the audacity to elect a black man as president? 🙈Whatever you may think of his policy… That Black Man and his lovely Family represented all Americans in such a gracious and dignified manner. But, now they mad. We went to far, this time. Y’all, just asking for trouble.” 🙉

I’m dressed, ready to go, packed for a day at the beach 🏖 and 💥. Surprise, Surprise: Plans fall through.

I grab a cigarette and sit on my balcony and think:

You reap what you sow. “Ok. I get it. But what EXACTLY did I sow BEFORE my earliest memories? Because THAT is when I started saying “Okay, Lord. What’s next? What did I DO to make you hate me so much?”

You’re not learning the lesson. “Again, Lord. I get it. I’m supposed to learn something. Then bad shit will stop happening to me. But I excel at learning. I have an insatiable THIRST for knowledge. Why can’t I learn THIS lesson?”

What are you going to do? “I guess I’m going to go remove all evidence of being a human being, find a good movie to watch, cry, probably rant on face book. You know…as the begging, attention seeking, useless individual that I am.

So, you are going to choose to play the victim? “Why does everyone say that to me? What else can I DO. If you can suggest it, I have DONE IT. I’m tired. I don’t want to do it anymore.

What DO You want to do? Lay down and watch one of your absolute favorites: The Last Samurai, Benjamin Button, Pirates of the Caribbean, The White Queen, Queen, Set It Off, Sixteen Candles, The Notebook, or North and South? You have food, tea, cigarettes, and that Party Pack that you won from Real Talk 100 Radio. You could have a really relaxing day… Or did you want to Walk With Ms. Opal and spend the day at the beach? “👀 the movie thing! Wait, No. I WANT to go to Galveston. I have zero transpo. 😔. 💡I have $57. Maybe it would be enough to uber one way. 🤔😔. Nope. That’s not the best use of that money. You got bills, Girl. 🙄. Who could I as—don’t even finish that thought. You already know that there is NOBODY you can ask…

“You know what? I am NOT anybody’s victim. I do what I CAN do and what I WANT to do. I CAN walk and I WANT to go to Galveston.”

I unpack all but the necessary essentials, throw my duffel bag and purse inside a rolling suitcase, glance longingly at my zebra-print outside chair (with the cover), the empty cooler, the freezer… look at the suitcase. 😔

Grab my purple Arctic water bottle… fill it with cold water.., and a throw a couple bottles of Kroger water into the suitcase… grab my sign and head on my way!

…a little concerned about safety first, a lot hot, totally happy, completely free, and angry at no one.

It’s 7:45am on Saturday, September 14, 2019 and I’m walking with Ms. Opal…only TO Galveston Island, instead of, ON Galveston Island.




Special Thanks To:

  • The Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost
  • The Late Jean Pearl Jackson
  • The Late Andre Monroe Ford
  • The Late Jerry L. Jackson
  • The Late Henry L. Jackson, Sr
  • Lord Proctor
  • Beverly Yell
  • My Heart & Soul, The 7, My Cousins, New Friends & Kind Strangers


By His grace, Part 2 will be published by 12am Tue. Here’s a little preview

It’s hot. I’m sweating. I don’t have a towel. My hip is not cooperating all of a sudden 🙄. (When did that stop working?)

It’s pretty scary out here… 👀… exposed. This suitcase is heavy. Who’s bright idea was this 💁🏽‍♀️? Why aren’t there sidewalks all of the time?!…. Ewww… I gotta walk in grass & nature. Why is nature so pretty to look at but so icky IRL… There are THINGS living in this grass. If they want to continue breathing, I suggest they mind their own business and leave me be…

Why are these cars going so fast? I just might die today. 😜. I pray I make it to the beach, tho first. 😂.

I have made it to the corner of my street and 45. 🤔. Now I just need to figure out how to cross this stupid feeder road without dying or going to jail! 🤔🙄😬

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