3rd Democratic Debate Takeaway.

This is MY opinion.

Democrats tell very pretty stories about wanting to effect “real” change…yet, the front runners are the same type of “electable” OLD WHITE MEN & WOMEN who view racial and gender equality as an afterthought.

No one wants to admit that the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written declaring freedom for ALL MEN… but the enslaved Blacks who were ripped from their homes, brought here to, literally, build this country FOR FREE were considered to be 3/5ths of a man by “our forefathers”…And are still treated as such to this day. If we are still, as a nation, white-washing the effects of slavery, how can ANY Black American feel that their interests are being heard or considered?

I, personally, feel boxed into the exact same corner as I was in on Election Day 2016. Forced to make a decision between bad and worse. Well, guess what. Many Americans felt as I did and either refused to vote or split the vote…and worse won. I know that this Occupant-in-Chief should never have been awarded the great honor of leading this country that I was born and BRED to love.

Do we, as Democrats really think that ANY alternative is better than this guy. Can we not make a concentrated effort to throw our support behind the individuals who ARE AWARE that you can not “heal” what was never healthy to begin with?

I know my duty as an American. I was promised FREEDOM by men who never actually intended for me to have it. Please give ME a candidate who actually WANTS to see everlasting change happen, MORE than they want to see Trump out of the White House. I’m all for voting blue…for a candidate that can help build this country into what our forefathers WROTE in those amazing documents in spite of the hidden meanings behind those words.

Also, you cannot censor what I write on my own page. You demand my support, yet when it comes to budget cuts, Black business is the first to go. If this is how you plan to win, I suggest you make sure to lose my number. I’m going to go see if these people over hear want to do more than talk. A Massa is still a Massa whether the flag you fly over your plantation is red or blue.

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