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The world is a sad place. Everyone is angry. The U.S. has a wannabe dictator in the White House. Caucasian Americans believe that racism is over and Black Americans should “just get over it.”. People have completely isolated themselves and choose to play video and/or internet games (…or Netflix and Chill) instead of interacting with other human beings. The people who actually want to actively effect change, have no idea of where to begin. Enter Agree2Disagree, But Be Informed, hence-forth called Agree2Disagree.bbi.

Hello and Welcome. At this time, Agree2Disagree.BBI is an online publication…soon to become a printed monthly magazine. But until we’re able to get all the officialalities out of the way, you can find us here or on Facebook.

About the Owner/Editor-In-Chief

The Many Faces of NETTEFORD.

My name is NETTEFORD and I am the owner of two businesses: Agree2Disagree.BBI (where I am also the editor in chief) and NMF Consultants. Agree2Disagree.BBI is a non-profit organization geared toward educating others by publishing the stories of real Americans…regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, orientation or whatever you identify as. I personally identify as a Black Female Texan American Queen. My pronouns are She, Her and sometimes Ma’am (I would suggest not using that one, tho.)

After 22 years of being employed by a couple of different plantations (corporations, as you may call them), I find myself a completely traumatized 42 year-old, widowed, empty-nester who has been diagnosed with mental illness…As if being Black and Female isn’t enough, 🤣. I live with my two cats and am about 5 minutes from being homeless…but that’s a story for another day…or maybe for never. Let’s just say that I’ve been thru some thangs… As have we all 😔.

I have never been able to run from a fight, and I have always cheered for the underdog. So after advocating for my children for fifteen years– while they attended a school district in a small town in Texas (LA PORTE, TX) where these were (and still are) the demographics : White: 82.19% Other race: 6.37% Black or African American: 4.96… AND advocating for myself against Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, and Gender Discrimination while working an average of 70 hours a week for pennies at my plantation jobs, I’ve decided to take my fight to the next step.

About Agree2Disagree.BBI

So, why am I doing this and what exactly is Agree2Disagree.BBI about? I’m SOOOO glad you asked. Please enjoy the interview NETTEFORD had with the Editor in Chief of Agree2Disagree.BBI

  • Why are you doing this and what makes you qualified.
    • I decided to start my own business for a couple of reasons. The first is that I LIKE being free to earn a living in a comfortable environment, doing what I love, using the vast knowledge I have accumulated.
  • Why to you call Corporate Jobs, Plantation Jobs.
    • That question has a rather long answer. Please see the OP-ED entitled You May Be Working at a Plantation if…
  • What is the purpose of Agree2Disagree.BBI
    • It has taken me a very long time to figure out exactly what my passions and gifts are. I am passionate about history and helping others. My gifts are organization, advocating, writing, and computer stuff ( I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️).
    • So, I choose to use the gifts that I have to educate those who wish to be educated. To tell the interesting, tragic, funny, sad stories of real everyday people so that people can learn about those who may look different than themselves… instead of depending on the totally biased news.
    • I also have collected many resources over the years and would like to share them…while also encouraging others to share resources as well.
    • I want to strengthen communities by encouraging open communication about Bullying & Safety, Curriculum & Standardized Testing, And staffing issues between parents and area schools.
    • Also, to strengthen communities, we must support our small businesses…Especially our minority and women owned business. Agree2Disagree.bbi vets and promotes area small business and entertainers.
    • I want to provide a place where everyone is welcome to EARN a living, EDUCATE themselves or others, and ELEVATE those just starting out. Or as Tyler Perry put it at the BET Awards on June 23, 2019–“Help Someone Cross!”

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