Houston Climate Strike Die-in

Find a strike near you! Start: Friday, December 06, 2019 • 3:00 PM End: Friday, December 06, 2019 • 5:00 PM Houston City Hall• 901 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002 Host Contact Info: sunrisemvmthtx@gmail.com lia.millar@350.org OUR SURVIVAL CAN’T WAIT. The September 20th Climate Strike was the largest day of action for climate justice ever. On December 6th, as world leaders gather at the … Continue reading Houston Climate Strike Die-in

👀 at Mayor Pete

Watch Video Here Taking a Deep 👀 at Mayor Pete. I am concerned about race issues… Let’s see if he can prove that he’s willing to learn and not just 🗣at us… What I need is an honest answer as to why he doesn’t have the support of Black Americans in South Bend, IN. 👀Pete … Continue reading 👀 at Mayor Pete

The Thomas Street Health Center’s Thanksgiving Dinner still needs donations!

POZ Impact is reaching the final leg of donations for the Thomas Street Thanksgiving Meal for low income patients living with HIV! Please help me help Josh Mica to make this a huge success. We want to feed 400 people this year! We still need 7 turkeys 30 large cans of green beans and 300 … Continue reading The Thomas Street Health Center’s Thanksgiving Dinner still needs donations!

Help Me Understand!

I really have difficulty understanding WHY some White-Americans feel they are so much better off than people of color. Why are they so entitled to their privilege and superiority? I can’t speak for all Hyphenated -Americans, I can only speak on the history I know. That of Black Americans. I mean you stole us from … Continue reading Help Me Understand!

Question: Will civil war reenacters find this offensive?

Subscribe to Newsletter Read More I have a feeling that southern whites, or any whites will have tremendous issues with this. My question is why? History is history, right? I guess this will rankle whites in the same way that visiting plantations that tell the real history instead of the glamorized, romanticized, fictional version of … Continue reading Question: Will civil war reenacters find this offensive?

The secret is out! Women face double standards. But we can work together to change that…

Just saw this interesting little nugget on the New York Times On Politics newsletter. Can’t wait for the release of the full report tomorrow.

Nobody Is Above The Law Event

Find A Local Event Contact Local Host- Mary O DESCRIPTION We demonstrate demanding that Senator Cruz vote to impeach this president  WHEN TIMING NOTE: This event is planned to take place the evening before the House floor vote to pass articles of impeachment for Donald Trump. That vote is not yet scheduled. We will specify a … Continue reading Nobody Is Above The Law Event

Now Serving…

Harris & Galveston Counties #Walking2DC #1stStopAlief I have been settling into my new environment, living my life, listening to YOUR Stories and WRITING, WRITING, WRITING! Now I am training for #Walking2DC, trying to earn some coin, and seeing where my skills can best be put to use in service of my communities. No votes were … Continue reading Now Serving…

#Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

Coming soon... As I’m sure you can understand, transitioning into homelessness is quite the ordeal. There is just as much “official business” as there is moving from an apartment into your first home... Or moving from your kid’s childhood home into a crappy Condo from hell with Slumlord-Overseers that must have someone named Lucifer in … Continue reading #Walking2DC : 6-1 days left

The NEA Provides Helpful Resources To Educators

ICE Raids: What You Should Know View on Website Support Immigrant Youth › A recent immigration raid in Mississippi traumatized students whose parents were apprehended. Local educators were left to scramble for answers for their affected students. We compiled responses to common questions educators have. In addition, NEA has prepared an advisory for educators on … Continue reading The NEA Provides Helpful Resources To Educators

Maybe you should raise YOUR standards…

I came across this today on Local Black Historian, Sam Collin’s, facebook page. I, of course, immediately shared it to Agree2Disagree.BBI’s public facebook group “The New Underground Railroad” 😏 Earn & Educate Excerpt From Washington Post‘s Democracy Dies In Darkness. By Radley Balko, Opinion writer, September 18, 2018 ... “Of particular concern to some on … Continue reading Maybe you should raise YOUR standards…

Global Climate Strike

Next Steps Join the Strike Calling all who are interested in being on the ground locally with this movement. Email me and I will give you details. While the help of us old folk is welcome and appreciated, this is a young folks movement. So OLD PEOPLE, please forward this to any youth (ages 16-25) … Continue reading Global Climate Strike

#Walking2DC: 8 More Days

Just Another Manic Monday... As I prepare for my adventure, there are a few practical items on my To Do List that must be taken care of. Forward Mail - Done Pack my duffle, tote, and backpack - Mostly Done Unload all this 18 month old furniture - ... This is where I get stuck. … Continue reading #Walking2DC: 8 More Days

#Walking2DC: 9 More Days

Planning & Preparing To be honest: planning, researching, and preparing are some of my favorite things to do. Having this to occupy my mind and my time is probably the very best therapy... for me anyway. The few people who have actually engaged with me about my upcoming adventure just smile and nod and placate … Continue reading #Walking2DC: 9 More Days

Walking To Washington…11 more days

A couple of questions about my current medical situation... Now, I am in no way saying that I’m disabled OR unable to do SOME TYPE of work to support myself... But who can guide me on my career path—with these obvious limitations—if my symptoms are not documented in my chart? Did you document the very … Continue reading Walking To Washington…11 more days

Banned Book Week!

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution passed by Congress September … Continue reading Banned Book Week!

My Walk with Ms. Opal: Nette’s Journey to Galveston.

After approximately 45 minutes of sleep, “You Got a Friend in Me”, you know—that song from Toy Story by Randy Newman..., starts blasting! 📣 Right. In. My. Ear! To you that probably looks exactly like it sounds... for me, it IS factually: the ringer set to the lowest possible volume and vibrator settings, laying as far away as possible from my ear, and plugged into the charger; as it should be—ANYHOO, enough about me and my problems. Errybody got problems. 😏 What makes me think I’m special? 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s 5:45 am on Saturday, September 14th and within the hour, I will be heading to Galveston to join Ms. Opal’s Lee’s Walk to Washington! I am overflowing with excitement.